Webinar: Guild Community Conversation – migrating an online community

Webinar: Guild Community Conversation – migrating an online community

Our CEO Blaise Grimes-Viort hosted a webinar for Guild’s Community Conversations series on the topic of effective migration of an online community from one platform to another.

Blaise interviewed Kashi Chellen, the Community Manager for the Happiness & Humans community by The Happiness Index, and they discussed the reasons behind moving their community from Slack Guild. They covered:

  • Rationale for Moving: Why Slack was no longer suitable for their needs.
  • Planning and Communication: How they planned and communicated the transition.
  • Outcomes: The results and impacts on the community and its members.

Key principles for any community platform change were highlighted, including:

  • Shifting focus from quantity to quality in community management.
  • The importance of accessibility, aesthetics, and user-friendliness.
  • The need for thorough planning and timeline mapping.
  • Deciding which content to transfer to the new platform.
  • Maintaining clear, consistent communication with members and the team.
  • Unexpected benefits and methods for measuring the success of the platform change.

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