We are a change agency focused on organisations that want to be network-led.

We believe organisations live at the heart of communities. Consumers, partners and staff members make up layered networks, interacting with one another and experiencing your products and services in unique ways, impacting the perception of your brand.

We help you make sense of these interweaving stakeholder networks and their inputs, building stronger connections, inside and out.

Experience forged from the dawn of social media.

Blaise Grimes-Viort Founder, CEO
Consultant, Strategy
Sherry Wilcox Consultant, Insights & Research
Richard Simcott Consultant, Recruitment & Languages
Viv Underwood Consultant, Customer Experience
Deanne McNamara Consultant, Project Management
Jo Petroccia Consultant, Resource Management

Our Philosophy

We approach our consultative work knowing that building relationships with your networks is a dynamic and transformative force that can reshape businesses, connect communities, and drive positive change.

Our philosophy of work is rooted in this belief and guides our approach to every client engagement. When we help you achieve your goals, we apply the following principles.

We create bespoke strategies that align with your brand's unique identity & objectives

We harness analytics to measure performance, identify trends & back up our recommendations

We adapt quickly to new challenges & opportunities in a rapidly shifting digital landscape

We are driven by results & work tirelessly to achieve and exceed your goals; your growth is our reward

We build connections based on honesty, transparency, and genuine interactions

We foster meaningful conversations, engage with your stakeholders, & cultivate brand advocates

We are dedicated to continuous learning to provide you with cutting-edge insights & strategies

We prioritise user privacy, adhere to platform guidelines, & promote positive digital citizenship

Our expert network

We are a dynamic network of experts and practitioners who are immersed in the world of online community building and social media engagement. We hail from a wide variety of industries and possess unique insights into the intricacies of public and private networks, community development and social media strategy.

We don’t rely solely on theoretical approaches; we identify the right experts from our network who have hands-on experience in dealing with challenges our clients face. We have access to the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, ensuring we deliver effective and innovative solutions that drive meaningful change for our clients. 

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Connecting the dots between your networks, inside and out.

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