Webinar: Guild Community Conversation – increasing engagement in an alumni community

Webinar: Guild Community Conversation – increasing engagement in an alumni community

Our CEO Blaise Grimes-Viort hosted a webinar for Guild’s Community Conversations series on the topic of how to increase engagement in an online alumni community.

Faith Nacional-Rahi, Success Manager at The Health Sciences Academy (THSA), and Blaise Grimes-Viort discussed various aspects of building and managing online communities. Key points included:

  • Challenges on Social Media: The difficulty of achieving privacy and meaningful connections on mainstream platforms.
  • Professional Communities: How creating specific communities helps THSA increase global visibility and reach.
  • Enhancing Learning: The role of online communities in enriching student learning and supporting outcomes.
  • Engagement Techniques: The effectiveness of simple methods like quizzes and polls.
  • Exclusive Communities: Benefits of running various communities to meet different audience needs.
  • Recruitment and Retention: Strategies to boost these through engagement and feedback.
  • Building Loyalty: How dedicated communities foster loyalty and advocacy.
  • Community Management Skills: Training subject matter experts to manage communities effectively.
  • Mentorship: The importance of mentorship for visibility and knowledge sharing.
  • Guidelines and Procedures: The role of clear rules in encouraging engagement and effective conversations.

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